Give Time or Books

The entire community can participate in bringing the Library to those without direct access. We are not quite ready to accept donations or volunteers, but we want to tell you when we are! Please provide your contact information to be KEPT IN THE KNOW.

Please complete the form below if you are interested in any of the following:
1) Becoming a Book Drop Donation Location (this would include placing a Book Drop Donation Box in an easily accessible location in your lobby or front entrance).

2) Giving TIME (this would mean volunteering to sort books and organize books at the Library Society)

3) Donate Children’s BOOKS** — we are not ready for either, but please provide your contact information and we will email you once we’re ready!

**PLEASE NOTE** when we are ready, we are only seeking children’s books targeted for ages birth to five years old for the Book Drop program. If preparing a donation, please avoid: Used books in less than excellent condition – this includes excessively worn, torn, wrinkled, bent, stained, yellowed, water or smoke-damaged, underlined, highlighted, written in, or otherwise damaged books, as well as those with missing pages or pieces. Activity books of any kind as these are better for your school! Library books even if in relatively good condition because these books do not create the sense of ownership that we want to provide.

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