Fund a First Library Book Set

The Library Society’s ‘First Library’ Book Set will be the signature offering of the Book Drop initiative encompassing three individual books targeted at the first three stages of literacy development, yet published in-house using archival and historical material.

Each Book Set brings every child their “First Library” collection at a nominal cost of $35/per.  Book 1 – Black and White.  Book 2 – High Contrast Color.  Book 3 – The ABC’s (English and Spanish).  This book set will be used as “the book” given to every newborn through the Books in Every Bag program, sharing treasures of the Library Society across all three counties, but also offsetting an unsustainable expense for their literacy efforts. We need to support 800/month for newborns, and another 200/month for retailers.  12,000 a YEAR.

Thank you for helping us to reach this goal!