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Books are the treasured wealth of the world and the fit inheritance of generations and nations.

– Henry David Thoreau

Gifts and Financial Support

At a time when information is plentiful but wisdom is often in short supply, a place where culture and distinguished curiosity thrive, is more consequential than ever.  The Library Society represents a second renaissance.

Like no other, it is a place where we can join with like-minded neighbors to satisfy our thirst for social, thoughtful and intellectual discourse.

Your investment in curated knowledge and an enlightened community will carry forth the legacy our founders intended and will continue to build the Charleston they envisioned. It is now our responsibility to preserve this extraordinary place.


The story of the Library Society is indeed one of gritty survival, from the devastating hurricane of 1753, to fires and earthquakes, wars and economic depression and even a global pandemic. And we are here still, evidence of the historical and future relevance we provide on a daily basis. Your generosity ensures that future generations continue to enjoy the library as we do.

R E S E R V E  F U N D I N G   Your contributions dedicated to this fund are in reserve for the future health and stability of the Library Society, its collections, staffing and physical structure – a safety net that will allow us to weather unforeseen challenges and anticipate the potential for unprecedented events that so often lie just beyond our ability to plan and predict.

A N N U A L  G I F T S  Your contributions to these funds are essential to the ongoing operations of the library. The engaging speaker events, musical performances and ongoing programming that we all love are further developed and enhanced through your generous support.  

L E G A C Y  G I F T S  The history and treasures stored within the walls of the Charleston Library Society leave ample opportunity for planned giving and dedications.  Please get in touch with our Development Team to learn more about opportunities for Conservation of rare and valuable books, critical acquisitions for completing our collections and opportunities for designation or dedications.  Email: or call 843-723-9912.