A Summer with Southern Authors: Horace Mungin & Marjory Wentworth

The Charleston Library Society happily announces the launch of a community partnership with Evening Post Books & Buxton Books.  Beginning this summer, we will offer substantive, informative and entertaining “virtual” programs until the Library Society can resume onsite gatherings. Convening every other Thursday at 4:30PM, the series will present a diverse group of Southern Authors as they discuss their works and the influence of the South in their worlds. Horace Mungin’s poems address the conscious erasure of African American history. Mungin will be in conversation with South Carolina Poet Laureate, Marjory Wentworth, and Buxton Books', Polly Buxton, discussing his book, Notes from 1619: A Poetic 400-Year Reflection, taking us from the Cape Coast of Africa on a narrative journey describing the African experience in America. This is a narrative that provides a context and an understanding long missing from our national conversation.