Digital reference collections

biblioboard core

Covering a wide range of topics—including Literature, Philosophy, History, Geography and Science—BiblioBoard Core is BiblioBoard’s chief historical database. BiblioBoard Core contains 400 Anthologies with over 14,000 full-text eBooks and over 24,000 pieces of primary source content. BiblioBoard Core Anthologies cover a range of topics from Abraham Lincoln and the Alamo to ballet, baking, chocolate, Mozart, Jack London and Victorian Fashion.

from the british library's 19th century collection

Featuring 15 Anthologies and hundreds of books from one of the world?s premier libraries, the British Library: 19th Century Collection module will continue to grow over time and offers unparalleled insight into 19th-century life around the globe. Many of the books included in these collections are not available anywhere else online.

biblioboard access

This module contains content from such highly regarded institutions as the National Library of Finland and the National Library of Spain, comingled with rare, valued materials from smaller groups. These forward-thinking organizations are utilizing BiblioBoard’s reach to openly share some of their most unique and interesting digital artifacts around the world.