Digital Collections

The Charleston Library Society’s Digital Collections work to further promote the Library’s mission of providing access to its wealth of materials and foster life-long learning among its audience.  The Charleston Library Society began collaborating with the Lowcountry Digital Library in 2013 to digitize documents from its archives to be accessed online and enhance the public’s understanding of the history of the Lowcountry.  Discussion around growing and developing our abilities to digitize and share materials unique to the Library Society led to the receipt of a generous grant from the Bernard and Judy Cornwell Foundation in the summer of 2015.  This grant was used for the purchase of an ATIZ BookDrive Mark 2 Scanner that has allowed Library Society staff to begin safely digitizing the vast collection of rare books and manuscripts for preservation and online exhibition.  While the Library Society has enjoyed its beneficial partnership with Lowcountry Digital Library, and will continue to add content to this excellent regional repository, the acquisition of the ATIZ scanner allows the Library to consider additional avenues for building and presenting its own digital collections, which are being shared through BiblioBoard.  

Bibliolabs is a Charleston-based hybrid software-media company dedicated to keeping libraries at the forefront of their communities in an increasingly digital age.  BiblioBoard is a digital library program, created and hosted by Bibliolabs, offering access to an institution’s collections on an international level.  BiblioBoard was launched in 2013, and is quickly gaining the support of prominent library groups, such as the Massachusetts Library System and the British Library.  

As the Library Society’s Digital Collections grow, members and researchers will be able to access carefully curated digital exhibits of the Library’s treasured Special Collections and archival materials, as well as past Main Reading Room Exhibits.

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